Divetechnoservice LLC is a leading company in Russia that specializes in design, manufacture, comprehensive supply, contract supervision, starting-up and adjustment, warranty and post-warranty services of all kind of professional diving equipment and technical support of diving job, wrecking and underwater works, deck equipment and tooling.

Today our company is a team of more than 90 professionals committed to their job: diving specialists, operating, maintenance and service engineers, ROV and manned subs pilots, certified engineering systems designers, industrial engineering and production management specialists. Our production facilities are placed in a workshop of 1500 m2 where we manufacture more than 20 hyperbaric chambers or hyperbaric systems per a year. Our warehouse of 1000 m2 always contains a product mix of more than 5000 positions for operational response on our clients needs.

Nowadays Divetechnoservice LLC propose the following products of domestic manufacture:

Single lock diving decompression chambers of “RBK” series: RBK-1000, RBK-1000U, RBK-1200, RBK-1400, RBK-2200 (1000, 1200, 1400 and 2200 mm inner diameter accordingly)

Twin-lock diving decompression chambers of “RBK” series: RBK-1600, RBK-2200 (1600 and 2200 mm inner diameter accordingly)

Mobile containerized diving systems of MKVK-60 series with decompression chambers (single-container, twin-container, triple-container)

Ship inbuilt diving systems

Onshore stationary diving systems

◢ MKV-1000 containerized pumping system

◢ Self-contained umbilical diving units

◢ Professional gas mixers

◢ Wide range of soft PVC pontoons and buoyancies

◢ Underwater cameras and lights

◢ Underwater communication systems

In year 2015 we started production of 2 state-of-the-art units:

“Hermit” mobile multipurpose supercompact LARS (watch video)

UUCU “Sledge” self-contained underwater ultrathermic cutting unit (watch video)

During past 15 years Divetechnoservice manufactured and supplied:

◢ More than 130 decompression chambers

◢ More than 100 diving systems, incl. ship in-built, containerized and onshore stationary ones;

◢ More than 35 underwater vehicles (ROV and manned)